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Easy 7-day exercise plan

Man and woman walking for exercise

If you’re looking to start building fitness or you can’t get to your regular gym, sports activities or exercise classes because of lockdowns, costs being prohibitive or life being too busy, this easy, free seven-day exercise plan will keep you active and improve your energy levels.

Week 1


30-minute easy walk.


Walk for 30 minutes (approximately 3km) at an easy-to-moderate pace.


Warm up

Start with a little easy stretching (touch your toes, reach up high, side bends, etc).


5-minute home circuit (Google one, choose a selection of these, or try fitness trainer Libby Babet’s 5-minute magic movement routine below).


30-minute interval walk.

Warm up

Walk at an easy pace for 10 minutes.


  • Walk for 5 minutes at a brisk pace
  • Walk for 5 minutes at a moderate pace
  • Walk for 5 minutes at a brisk pace
  • Walk for 5 minutes at a moderate pace.


Repeat Tuesday’s circuit workout.


Repeat Wednesday’s walk.


Rest and stretch day. Need some more stretching ideas? Just Google ‘5-minute easy stretching’ and follow the free routines that pop up!


Walkabout Sunday

Head out on foot to explore your neighbourhood. Don’t forget your water.

Walking intensity guide

Easy pace: A gentle stroll where you can walk and talk easily (approximately 5km per hour).

Moderate pace: You’re lightly out of breath and can talk but not sing (approximately 6km per hour).

Brisk pace: You’re breaking a sweat and unable to hold a conversation (approximately 7km per hour)

Date modified: 23 August 2021
First published: Mar 2021


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