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Mini apple pies
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Mini apple pies

Indulge in these perfectly portioned pies that are low in calories!
Serves: 6 (six mini pies)
Time to make: 50 mins
Hands-on time: 20 mins

HFG tip

Lattice pastry

To make lattice pastry pie lids, take half a sheet of pastry and cut 18 1cm-wide strips and 18 shorter (approx 9cm x 1cm) strips. On a sheet of baking paper, lay the long strips side by side about 1cm apart. Starting at one end, place the shorter pastry strips perpendicular to the long ones and weave under, over, under and over the long strips. Repeat with the rest of the short strips, spaced about 1cm apart, alternating whether you start over or under each time. Using an 8-9cm round cookie cutter or glass, cut six rounds out of the completed lattice pattern.

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