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How much sodium is in ready-made meals?

How much sodium in ready made meals?

Quick and easy meal or salt bomb? HFG helps you be sodium savvy when you’re on the hunt for a healthier microwave dinner.

When there’s no time for cooking, a heat-and-eat ready-made meal can be a much healthier choice than takeaway. Some options however, can send your sodium intake soaring. Here’s how to zap your way to a dietitian-approved, salt savvy dinner.

Salty situation

The recommended daily maximum intake of sodium is 2000mg, but most of us eat more than this. Regularly exceeding 2000mg of sodium per day can increase your blood pressure which, in turn, increases your risk of heart disease, kidney disease and stroke. To keep your sodium intake in check, always scan the nutrition information on the back of the packet. With ready meals, you’re looking for less than 700mg sodium per serve — and the less, the better.

2000mg sodium = 1 tsp salt


Boost the veg

A healthy convenience meal contains at least two serves of vegies. If your go-to option is lacking in this department, add some extra veg on the side. Try tossing leafy greens in olive oil and lemon juice, cutting up a handful of crudites or heating up a bag of microwave steamed veg.

Convenient cuisine criteria

Sodium isn’t the only consideration when you’re on the hunt for a nutritious microwave dinner. Here’s what you’re looking for in a healthier, ready-made meal:

✓ Less than 700mg sodium
✓ Around 1700kJ (400cal)
✓ A minimum of 15g protein
✓ Less than 7g saturated fat

For more advice on sodium, we recommend: How salt can make us overeat or Salt: How much is too much?

Date modified: 11 August 2023
First published: August 2023


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