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14 smart swaps for a healthier café breakfast

Friends eating breakfast together at a cafe

Catching up with friends on the weekend and eating breakfast at a café or restaurant is one of life’s simple pleasures. Healthy Food Guide dietitian Karissa Woolfe shows 14 mart swaps you can make for a healthier start to the day.

Eggs on toast

1. Swap white bread for wholegrain bread and gain 2.5g fibre.

2. Swap scrambled eggs for poached eggs and save 675kJ (162cal).

The main event

3. Swap a big breakfast for eggs and tomato on toast and save 58g fat.

4. Swap eggs benedict for smoked salmon for a vegetarian omelette and save 2800kJ (670cal).

Sweet treats

5. Swap a croissant for raisin toast and save 12g fat.

6. Swap waffles with ice cream and syrup for a crepe with strawberries and save 638kJ (153cal).

7. Swap banana bread for a date scone and save 29g sugar.


8. Swap a regular smoothie for a kid’s size smoothie and save 575kJ (138cal).

9. Swap a large full-fat latte for a regular skim-milk cappuccino and save 610kJ (146cal).

10. Swap a large orange juice for a herbal tea and save 36g sugar.

On the side

11. Swap butter for avocado and save 9g sat fat.

12. Swap hollandaise sauce for tomato relish and save 12g fat.

13. Swap bacon for mushrooms and save 1455mg sodium.

14. Swap hash browns for baked beans and gain 6.8g fibre.

Date modified: 18 May 2021
First published: May 2021


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