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10 ways to use up leftovers

Two people cooking an omelette

There’s no need to waste food with these 10 clever ways to use up leftovers.

  1. Ham
    Whip up an omelette using leftover ham, a sprinkle of cheese and some sliced tomato for a delicious Boxing Day brekkie.
  2. Cheese
    Grate all the leftover cheeses from your entertaining platter and scatter over a tuna pasta bake before popping in the oven.
  3. Roast veggies
    Put a spin on classic hummus by adding leftover roasted veggies to a food processor and blitzing along with a can of chickpeas, a squeeze of lemon juice, a dollop of tahini and a clove of garlic.
  4. Lamb
    Shred roasted leftover lamb and toss with fresh mint leaves, peas, onion, wholemeal breadcrumbs and egg, then wrap in filo pastry and bake to create a healthier sausage roll.
  5. Crackers
    Blitz up leftover crackers in a food processor to make breadcrumbs for homemade chicken schnitzel or crumbed fish.
  6. Cherries
    Bake a healthy crumble by combining leftover pitted cherries with diced pears and a sprinkle of cinnamon, then top with rolled oats.
  7. Sausages
    Dice up leftover barbecued sausages and add to homemade fried rice, along with peas, corn and chopped red capsicum.
  8. Prawns
    Take sandwiches to the next level with fillings made from leftover cooked prawns, avocado and coleslaw dressed in yoghurt and lemon juice.
  9. Herbs
    Turn leftover (wilted) herbs into a delicious pesto by blitzing in a food processor along with pine nuts, extra-virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. Delicious dolloped over chicken or fish!
  10. Turkey or chicken
    For a new take on tacos, add shredded leftover turkey or chicken to classic iceberg lettuce, tomato salsa and grated cheese

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Date modified: 21 January 2022
First published: Jan 2022


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