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Upgrade your dairy-free breakfast

upgrade your dairy-free breakfast

If dairy is off the menu, breakfast can be a little tricky. Here’s how to build a balanced brekkie sans dairy-based milk, yoghurt and cheese.

A balanced breakfast provides the nutrients you need to kick-start your day the right way. Here’s how you can easily boost the nutrition in your brekkie bowl.

more iron


Iron transports oxygen around your brain, organs and muscles. You’ll find it in meats, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Add: A spoonful of nuts and/or seeds. This will also increase your intake of plant-based protein and gut-friendly fibre.

more calcium


Calcium is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. If you don’t eat dairy, calcium-fortified soy products are a good alternative.
Some types of tofu, nuts, seeds and fish naturally contain calcium, too.

Swap: Coconut yoghurt for soy yoghurt, and almond milk for soy milk.


Soy products, like soy yoghurt and milk, are winning dairy-free options for hunger-busting, muscle-building protein.

Swap: Coconut yoghurt for soy yoghurt, and almond milk for soy milk, to gain almost 12g of top-notch protein. By skipping the coconut yoghurt, you’ll also save almost 22g of unhealthy saturated fat.


Adults are recommended to have two pieces of fruit a day, but more than half don’t meet this target, missing out on antioxidants and gut-loving fibre. Dried fruit is best not consumed daily as it is a concentrated source of sugar.

Swap: Toasted muesli made with dried fruit for untoasted fruit-free muesli. Tip: top it with fresh fruit like berries or a sliced banana.


Nuts and seeds are filled to the brim with good fats that support a healthy heart and brain. Healthy fats are also super satiating.

Add: A tablespoon of chia seeds. Along with healthy fats, this contributes almost 5g of fibre to your daily 25 to 30g requirement.

For more advice on dairy-free eating, we recommend:




Date modified: 6 July 2023
First published: July 2023


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