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Find focus, feel good

Struggle with focus and concentration? You are not alone. Research suggests that our attention span is dropping. A recent study completed by Microsoft* suggests that the average human has an attention span of only around 8.25 seconds, a whopping 4.25 seconds less than it was in the year 2000. There is work for us to do to get our focus back on track – because when you get stuff done, it feels good right?!

Whether you are working in an office, at home, in a factory, shop, construction site, or you’re out on the road, there are so many things around to distract you from focusing on a task. Noises, notifications, interruptions, messages… it really can feel endless. That, combined with poor quality sleep (which is just so common these days) can just make days feel longer and harder than they need to be.

When it comes to the solution to improve productivity and focus, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as different strategies will work for different working situations, personalities, and job types. Different things will also work at different times of day – sometimes silence is helpful, but if your mind is busy you might find listening to low-fi beats can help. By experimenting with a variety of strategies and reviewing the results, it is possible for you to find ways to focus that work for you.

CHALLENGE: Try our 20 quick and easy strategies to increase focus and productivity over the next month and see which ones work best for you.

Print out this PDF and tick the ideas off as you go. You can also add your own ideas too and keep notes about which strategies will be worth keeping up.

Date modified: 5 September 2022
First published: Sep 2022


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