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5 reasons to love Brussels sprouts

5 reasons to love Brussels sprouts

It’s prime time to load up on Brussels sprouts — while they sometimes get a bad rap, there are plenty of good reasons to put them on your menu.

Fibre filled

There’s 4.2g of satisfying fibre in a cup of Brussels sprouts — that’s about 15 per cent of your recommended daily intake.

Wellness warrior

Brussels sprouts are a type of brassica vegetable. Research has linked consumption of these veg to reduced risk of cancer.

Immune support

Vitamin C plays a key role in a healthy immune system and you’ll get twice your entire day’s needs in just one cup of Brussels sprouts.

Kitchen wiz

Roast them, shred and toss them through a salad or throw them on the barbie — there are plenty of delicious culinary creation options with Brussels sprouts.

Light and lovely

Like most vegies, Brussels sprouts are a low-kilojoule way to bulk out a meal. One cup contains just 139kJ (33cal).

3 ways to go green

Enjoy beautiful Brussels with these healthy recipes:


For more advice on Brussels sprouts, we recommend: What to do with Brussels sprouts

Date modified: 28 August 2023
First published: August 2023


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