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Ask the experts: Kebabs

Q: "Lately we have been eating kebabs as a healthy option. But Jamie Oliver said recently that kebabs are full of fat! Is that true of New Zealand kebabs?"


A: Nutritionist Cindy Williams investigated:

"Kebabs are a healthier fast food option because they are not deep-fried and include bread and salad. However, kebab meat does contain fat and the amount will vary depending on the meat used. The better quality kebabs use New Zealand lamb shoulder steak, which has around 10-15% fat. Kebabs made with minced lamb usually have a higher fat content, closer to 20-25% fat. Chicken kebabs use thighs and breast with the skin on. There is no legislation regarding the type of meat used so each store will vary in quality and fat content. The best way to find out what's in your kebabs is to ask your kebab shop what meat they use.

When choosing kebabs ask for extra salad, choose dressings carefully as they can bump up the fat and kilojoule count, and choose meat rather than mince – it's more obvious what you are eating."

Date modified: 14 June 2020
First published: Jan 2009


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