Best Superhero Collectibles to Buy on Black Friday 2023

All the superhero collectibles you'll need to get your hands on this holiday season!

Photo: eBay

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The holidays are here, and there’s no better time to shower your loved ones with gifted nerdery. But because the world of collectibles is so vast, we’re here to help you pick what’s perfect to share with the people in your life. Whether it’s framed art or loose toys, we’ve got a bunch of great options for you here.

Batman Print (eBay Exclusive)

This exclusive Sideshow Collectibles print of Batman by artists Alex Pascenko and Ian MacDonald is great for geeks looking to decorate a living space. Sideshow typically gets some great art for these prints, and this is no exception. Batman gazing out over a rainy cemetery is EXTREMELY Batman composition, and this art is powerful and exciting.

This print is great for framing and dropping behind your desk – Batman can intimidate folks on the Zoom meeting with you, or watch over your collection from across the room. It’s a little pricey, but $175 for 12” x 16” is eminently reasonable for a quality piece.

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Shop the Sideshow Collectibles eBay Exclusive Batman Print here

McFarlane Toys DC Gold Label Eradicator Action Figure

DC’s early ‘90s event books are dramatically underrated, and the Eradicator is part of arguably the biggest stories from that era—the Death of Superman. The Eradicator was one of the four replacements after Kal’s climactic battle with Doomsday, and while his design was a little goofy (the cataract glasses are actually super endearing), McFarlane Toys does an amazing job of translating the comic look to the 3D real world. This figure looks great and, as a Gold Label figure, should be of higher quality than usual. This will look nice posed or in a box for the Superman fan in your life.

Buy the McFarlane Toys DC Gold Label Eradicator here

DC Superhero Board Books

There’s something for everyone in these books: your kids get an easy introduction to superheroes; the comics fan in your life gets to share their love of superheroes while also secretly exposing their kids to some awesome Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and George Perez artwork; you get to explain to a toddler that when the book says “even Batman needs sleep” what it really means is “he takes 15-minute micronaps, according to Grant Morrison’s seminal run on Batman.” It’s a win-win-win.

Buy DC Superhero Board Books here

Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile

As the Batman movies have drifted away from comic book fantasy and towards…we’ll call it tactical realism to be generous…the Batmobile designs have really lost something. The best Batmobile is arguably the one from the best Batman media: the ’90s animated series. There are two versions worth your time: the old Kenner one, and the fancy new DC Collectibles one. The older one is cheaper and nicer to actually use, the new one is expensive and more decorative. Pick the one that works best for your friend and watch them fawn over it.

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Buy the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile here

Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game Guides

Tabletop roleplaying games have exploded in recent years, and Marvel’s version looks really cool. You get to go right into the Marvel Universe, recreate stories you know, or have your GM write their own. It’s thorough and detailed and should be a good time for any Marvel Zombies in your life with six hours to kill.

Buy Marvel Multiverse RPG Guides here

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and a Dreamcast to Play It On

Every year I’m asked to write this gift guide, and every year I put a copy of the greatest game of all time and the system with the best port on it, and every year I get precisely zero copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and exactly zero Sega Dreamcasts under my tree. I will keep trying, though.

Buy Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and a Sega Dreamcast