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New in nutrition: Coffee, chocolate, best eating times and more..

Man drinking coffee and reading a newspaper

Healthy Food Guide rounds up the latest nutrition news including the benefits of chocolate, what times to drink coffee and eat food, how broccoli loves you, Med-diet magic and more…

Fish you’re fantastic

Eating omega-3 foods is strongly linked with reduced risk of coronary heart disease, a massive 40-study review has found. Fish – particularly fatty fish like salmon and sardines – is the best way to get vital EPA and DHA omega-3s, while omega-3 supplements can close the gap for those who don’t get enough.
Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2020

Health at every size

Even if a person is overweight, eating a healthy Med-style diet rich in fruit, veg, nuts, fish, whole grains and olive oil significantly reduces their risk of cardiovascular-related death, a Swedish study has found. Participants with a lower body mass index who didn’t eat a Med-style diet did not lower their cardiovascular death risk.
PLOS Medicine, 2020

Coffee time

The healthiest way to enjoy your coffee? After breakfast, according to UK scientists, otherwise the caffeine may disrupt your blood sugar control.
British Journal of Nutrition, 2020

It’s that easy!

Older women who eat more than a quarter cup of steamed broccoli a day, or half a cup of raw cabbage (think coleslaw), are almost half as likely to have extensive calcium buildup in blood vessels such as the aorta than those who eat little or none. Fatty calcium buildup is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.
British Journal of Nutrition, 2020

We heart chocolate

That’s how much you may reduce your risk of coronary heart disease if you eat a piece or two of chocolate (not the whole bar!) up to three times per week.
European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, 2020

Timing matters

People who consume most of their calories in the evening tend to eat more and have a lower-quality diet. That might have something to do with the fact that hunger peaks about 8pm, after most of us have finished our daily activities — so a healthy hot or chilled drink about then might be just what we need.
European and International Conference on Obesity, 2020

Herbs for your health

Want to add more flavour to your diet and ward off ill health at the same time? Studies are showing the polyphenols in herbs like basil, oregano chives and sage may help protect against heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.
Better Health Channel, 2020

Article sources and references

Date modified: 21 January 2021
First published: Jan 2021


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