Den of Geek to Host Rare Collectibles Charity Auction Exclusively on eBay Live at SXSW 2024

Featuring exclusive items from major brands, the eBay Live auction serves as the grand finale to Den of Geek’s activation at SXSW.

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Austin, Texas – Den of Geek, the leading destination for genre entertainment fans, is thrilled to announce its inaugural live charity auction to be held during SXSW 2024. Taking place on March 14 at 4 p.m. CT / 5 p.m. ET, this live show will be streamed exclusively via eBay Live, a live commerce platform offering real-time curated shopping experiences and exclusive deals and inventory, hosted by favorite influencers, sellers, and celebrities, and accessible via the eBay app. 

The live auction, benefiting the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), promises to be an exciting celebration of the world of collectibles. Featuring exclusive items from major brands such as Funko, Loungefly, Super7, Universal Pictures, CGC Cards, McFarlane Toys, Heroes and Villains, WEBTOON Entertainment, Gunpowder & Sky’s ALTER and DUST, and more, attendees can bid on a treasure trove of coveted memorabilia and interact with fellow collectors and hosts via eBay Live.

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In addition to exclusive and limited edition Den of Geek merchandise available solely through this charity auction, participants will also have a chance to acquire one of two original posters from artist Chloe Lewis, signed by esteemed film, television, and music talent during SXSW, including top Hollywood stars like Nicolas Cage, Sydney Sweeney, Daisy Ridley, the cast of Star Trek: Discovery, and more.

The live auction will serve as the grand finale to Den of Geek’s activation at SXSW. The Den of Geek Studio powered by eBay has featured the festival’s top talent passing through for interviews and photo portraits. Festival-goers have also been treated to a special edition Den of Geek magazine distributed by the Den of Geek street team in downtown Austin and available in key film festival locations like the historic Paramount Theatre and the Alamo Drafthouse. The cover features Universal Pictures’ The Fall Guy with exclusive interviews from stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, and director David Leitch. 

About Den of Geek

By Experts. For Fans. Den of Geek is dedicated to serving the interests of today’s entertainment enthusiast. The brand reaches over 20 million users per month across all platforms and has become known for exclusive high-profile entertainment interviews and deep dives into geek culture. Den of Geek focuses on the hottest movies and TV shows, and explores the latest in games, books, and comics. Our magazine celebrates the buzziest releases on the entertainment calendar with beautiful layouts, exclusive imagery, and in-depth long reads. Den of Geek magazine is available for FREE at over 140 fine retailers in the US.

About the BINC Foundation

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to booksellers in need. Through programs such as emergency assistance, higher education scholarships, and professional development, Binc supports the book industry community in times of hardship.

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About WEBTOON Entertainment

WEBTOON Entertainment, a leading global entertainment company and home to some of the world’s largest storytelling platforms.

About CGC 

CGC Cards is a trusted authentication and grading service for trading cards, comics, and collectible memorabilia. With a team of experts and a rigorous grading process, CGC Cards ensures the authenticity and value of collectible items for enthusiasts and investors.

Nacelle Toys

Nacelle Toys is a prominent manufacturer of action figures and collectibles known for its dedication to nostalgia and retro-inspired designs. With a passion for preserving beloved pop culture properties, Nacelle Toys produces a wide range of products that evoke fond memories and resonate with fans of all ages. From classic cartoons to cult-favorite TV shows, Nacelle Toys brings beloved characters to life in stunning detail, making them must-have additions to any collector’s shelf.

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About Super 7

Super7 is a manufacturer of toys and collectibles known for its retro-inspired action figures and apparel. With a focus on nostalgia and pop culture, Super7 creates unique and highly sought-after products for collectors of all ages.


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