GTA 5’s Cancelled DLC Combined the Best of James Bond and Trevor

Trevor actor Steve Ogg has shared some of the first details about a GTA 5 DLC expansion we'll sadly never get to play.

For years, we’ve heard rumors that Grand Theft Auto 5 was supposed to receive multiple single-player DLC expansions that were ultimately canceled. We now know that at least one of those DLC expansions was both real and spectacular.

During a recent Q&A stream, Steve Ogg (who portrayed Trevor in GTA 5) revealed that he voiced a few scenes for a GTA 5 expansion that he referred to as “James Bond Trevor.” According to Ogg, the DLC would have seen Trevor go undercover for the FBI as part of an undisclosed operation. While Ogg describes Trevor as “still kind of a fuck up” at that point in his life, he says the character would have “done his best to pretend to be like [a secret agent].”

Ogg didn’t share many additional details about the scrapped DLC’s plot, but he did mention that the idea was to take the story (and therefore Trevor) to some pretty wild places. Specifically, he suggests that the expansion would have culminated in Trevor going to outer space. Oh, what could have been.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about that specific piece of GTA 5 DLC. Late last year, a massive GTA 5 data leak included (among many other things) a reference to cut content known internally as “Agent Trevor.” Not only does that name seem to be a perfect match for the cut content that Ogg describes, but the leak included references to several Trevor-focused missions that strongly suggested he would be the star of his own campaign.

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As if that wasn’t enough, that data leak also included references to two other pieces of cut single-player GTA 5 DLC content: “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Alien Invasion.” Both would have obviously involved aliens and zombies to some degree, but it’s not clear whether or not they would have been directly related to the “Agent Trevor” DLC. Based on what we know, it seems more likely that they would have been Undead Nightmare-style DLC releases.

So what happened to all of that seemingly amazing single-player DLC content? Various leaks and reports over the years have seemingly confirmed that Rockstar eventually scrapped all of their planned single-player GTA 5 expansions to focus on the absurdly lucrative GTA Online. If it helps (and it probably won’t), it has been reported that elements of the zombie and alien expansions were eventually incorporated into some of GTA Online‘s expansions and updates. Sadly, much of “Agent Trevor” appears to have been lost to time.

What a shame. Not only did the planned DLC sound pretty amazing, but Rockstar has a record of delivering DLC that is often as good (if not better than) the base game. If you are one of those who never really got into GTA Online (there are dozens of us), the loss of any single-player GTA 5 DLC has always stung. Hearing the details of Agent Trevor just reopens that wound.