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Trend alert: Nutritional yeast

Trend alert: Nutritional yeast

With a flavour profile similar to parmesan, nutritional (or savoury) yeast adds a boost of umami goodness, and is a popular substitute for cheese in plant-based dishes. It’s also low in sodium and high in muscle-building protein and gut-loving fibre, so this trendy vegan product gets a dietitian’s tick of approval.

Say cheese

New to nutritional yeast? Here are five delicious ways to experiment with it:
➜ Stir it through a wintry soup or stew
➜ Sprinkle it over a plate of pasta or risotto
➜ Toss it through a handful of plain air-popped popcorn
➜ Scatter it over a tray of baked vegies
➜ Blitz it through a vegan pesto. Too easy!

Healthy recipes with nutritional yeast

Elevate your dishes with a touch of umami magic!


Date modified: 7 September 2023
First published: September 2023


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