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Fruity sago pudding
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Fruity sago pudding

This fruity delight is making a comeback!
Serves: 4
Time to make: 20 mins , plus 1 hr soaking
Hands-on time: 5 mins
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Serving suggestion

This pudding is delicious with any fruit you like, or with a tablespoon of jam.

HFG tip

Use oven gloves to remove the dish from the microwave each time it is stirred, as it will become hot as the sago cooks.

What is sago?: Sago is the starchy inside part of the trunk of a sago palm. The beads are produced by separating the starch from other parts of the plant, then forming this extract into a dough. The dough is then forced through a sieve before being heated at high temperatures. You can buy sago from the baking aisle at the supermarket.

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