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Hot drinks: 5 of the best

Love a hot drink to warm you up whatever the season? Cosy up with one of these comforting low-calorie cuppas.

Long Black Coffee
1. Long black

Per regular takeaway cup:

  • 23kJ (6cal)
  • 1g protein
  • 0.2g fat
  • 0.1g sat fat
  • 0g carbs
  • 0g sugar
flat white
2. Flat white

Per regular takeaway cup:

  • 657kJ (157cal)
  • 8.6g protein
  • 7.9g fat
  • 5g sat fat
  • 13.5g carbs
  • 13.5g sugar
McDonald’s Mocha Skim coffee
3. McDonald’s Mocha Skim

Per small takeaway cup:

  • 442kJ (106cal)
  • 7.1g protein
  • 0.6g fat
  • 0.4g sat fat
  • 17.1g carbs
  • 16.6g sugar
4. Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat Dark

Per 10g serve:

  • 136kJ (32cal)
  • 1.6g protein
  • 0.6g fat
  • 0.4g sat fat
  • 4g carbs
  • 1.9g sugar
  • 2.5g fibre

Note: Cocoa-based hot drinks can be a hidden source of sugar, so check the label

Green Tea
5. Green Tea

Per 250ml:

  • <5kJ (<5cal)
  • 0g protein
  • 0g fat
  • 0g sat fat
  • 0g carbs
  • 0g sugar

Date modified: 1 September 2022
First published: Aug 2022


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